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Typical Applications

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Technical information

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  • SUBGARD's are used primarily for maintaining a constant water level in the ground water. SUBGARD's are totally self-adjusting and require no maintenance. Place the SUBGARD in the well above the submersible pump exactly where the water draw down level is desired. Allow the pump to run constant and the SUBGARD will re-circulate the difference between your pumps GPM and the wells yield, sending exactly what the well is producing to the surface. SUBGARD's maintain a cone of depression and prevent contaminated water from moving off site. Also, allowing for easy removal of floating hydrocarbons without water agitation.
  • SUBGARD's allow environmental consultants the opportunity to maintain a constant and specific water level in the ground
  • SUBGARD's maintain a cone of depression in the well and allow for easy removal of floating hydrocarbons.
  • SUBGARD's hold drawdown levels constant with ¼" variation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • When used in landfill applications, SUBGARD's prohibit off-site migration of contaminated ground water.
  • SUBGARD's allow submersible pumps to run continuously instead of cycling on and off even when the yield of the well is insufficient.
  • SUBGARD's allow water to be pumped to the surface continuously without interruption 24 hours a day.
  • SUBGARD's will re-circulate exactly the difference between the pump capacity and the well yield. Thereby delivering to the surface the exact amount of water which the well is yielding

For Example: The pump is producing 10 GPM. The well is yielding only 3.5 GPM. In this application, the SUBGARD will re-circulate 6.5 GPM back into the well and allow exactly 3.5 GPM to continuously go to the surface. If the well yield changes, SUBGARD automatically compensates for the change.



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