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Subgards - A totally mechanical device which consists of a float and bypass valve
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Typical Applications

Valve Applications

x = recommended

model # corrosive potable water waste water irrigation abrasive
DCV-backflow preventer 0 x 0 x 0
PVB-baclflow preventer 0 x 0 x 0
RPZ-backflow preventer 0 x 0 x 0
type of device model back siphonage back pressure continuous pressure low hazard high hazard
double check valve DCV x x x x 0
reduced pressure principle RPZ & RPZ II x x x x x
pressure type vaccum breaker PVB x 0 x x x


Back Siphonage - A form of backflow due to a reduction in system pressure which caused a negative or sub-atmospheric pressure to exist at a site in the water system.

Back-Pressure - Any increase of pressure in the downstream piping system above the supply pressure at the point of consideration which would cause or tend to cause a reversal of the normal direction of flow through the assembly.

Continuous Pressure - Extended or prolonged pressure

Low Hazard - An actual or potential threat to the physical properties of the water system or the potability of consumer's water system, but which would not constitute a health or system hazard.

High Hazard - An actual or potential threat of contamination of a physical of toxic nature to the consumer's water system that would be a danger to health.


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